Aged Care Facility Services

Elements Healthcare is a proud Western Australian owned and operated business specialising in the coordination of pharmacy services and the supply of medical consumables to Residential Age Care Facilities and At-Home patients for the past 8 years. Please look below for a detailed description of the services we offer.


Who is Elements Healthcare?


Elements Healthcare is a proud Western Australian owned and operated business specialising in the coordination of pharmacy services and the supply of medical consumables to Residential Aged Care Facilities and At-Home patients for the past 8 years.

Elements Healthcare’s Medication Management System delivers a comprehensive level of service that allows doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals to deliver quality, predictable, dependable and easier to use healthcare to your Residential Aged Care Facility.

Elements Healthcare works exclusively with our local certified pharmacy partner to ensure consistent high-quality service levels and the best price on supplied medicines for your residents. Simply, we manage the entire process of medication supply so that you don’t have to.
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What Type of Administration Aid is Available?


Sachets provided by Elements Healthcare are individually sealed, ready-to-dose packs containing all solid packable medication required for each patient at each dosage time. All doses are packed in accordance with the code of Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) Guidelines for Preparation of Dose Administration Aids used in RACF’s.
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What are the Benefits of Sachet Doses?


  • Each Sachet is packed in consecutive dose order.
  • Each is labelled with the Patient Name, Date, Day and Dose time.
  • Can be prepared for regular and Scheduled 8 medication in a single sachet, as well as PRN medication sachets.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, inspect, open and store.
  • Doses are easily separated when medication is required for residents on leave from the facility.
  • Separation of crushable and non-crushable medicines for easy identification when doses are to be administered.
  • Can be labelled to contain up to 10 individual medications per dose.
  • Dose times are entirely flexible. Doses are not locked into 4 times a day, like other styles of dose administration aids, do not require multiple packs for complex regimens and can be scheduled in as fine as 5-minute intervals over a 24 hour period if necessary.
  • Feature unique electronic “batch tracking” to facilitate any manufacturer’s drug recall.
  • A photographic record of each sachet manufactured is stored for at least 3 months.

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What Chart Documentation is used?


Both paper-based and electronic charts are always provided with every medication change. Elements Healthcare charts present a clear, concise and easy to use charting system that includes both medication charts and nurse and carer signing sheets.

Charts are produced at the same time as the Sachets to reflect exactly what has been confirmed and dispensed by the pharmacist. Each patient medication profile must be confirmed by a pharmacist before medication can be packed by our machines.

Charts are printed in an easy to handle A4 format if faxing is required and include a clear colour photo of each resident and clear colour images of packed medicines for identification.

As completely new sets of charts are sent out with every medication change – you are guaranteed that our charts and the medication packed will always match and your staff will always have clearly printed documents from which to dose. This standard eliminates associated risks of having to decipher prescriber’s handwritten instructions before charts are refreshed.

You will also have online access to the actual pharmacist-confirmed electronic patient profiles representing the source data from which charts are printed and the same data from which medicines are packed.

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What is Healthstream®?


HealthStream® provides your staff with electronic access to order medication, view charts and patient records saving time and “lost” orders. In addition, Healthstream®’s in-built medication management module reports the schedule for each resident’s dosage and produces audit reports of all medicine rounds.

HealthStream® facilitates instant and accurate communication between all healthcare professionals and the dose manufacturing facility. No more transcribing errors inherent in faxed order programs (although fax orders are still accepted should you prefer) and no more duplicated orders because you will always be able to see any outstanding orders placed with the pharmacy, when they have been dispatched and when they have been delivered to your facility.

Electronic patient records are stored securely on a server enabling healthcare professionals to simultaneously view exactly the same information. Accessed over the secure private network, nurses, doctors and pharmacists can maintain patient information, medication charts, patient medical information, orders, communicate, view drug information, and more.

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Why Choose the Elements Healthcare Medication Management System?


    • Accurate, predictable, time saving, systemised and controlled medication management system.
    • Medication supplied in easy-to-dose sachets – individually sealed, ready-to-dose packs containing all solid packable medication for each patient for each specific day and time.
    • Doses packed in a purpose-built packing room for hygiene, temperature and humidity control.
    • All charts include clear colour pictures of residents and each individual medication to minimise identification errors.
    • Faster and safer medication rounds and handling.
    • The incidence of medication variance virtually eliminated.
    • Daily weekday deliveries and a 24/7 emergency delivery guarantee.
    • Ongoing support and training.
    • No lock-in service contract.
    • Proven track record of exceeding medication accreditation requirements and passing any Medication Management Audit – never failed to pass an Audit.
    • Low-Cost Medication Pricing Policy.
    • Built-in redundancy for uninterrupted medication supply.
    • Provision for all necessary medication management equipment free of charge.

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What Support Services does Elements Healthcare provide to your Facility?


Elements Healthcare works closely with prescribing doctors, the dispensing pharmacist and your Facility’s team of nurses and medication competent carers. We ensure that the medications doctors intend for residents are readily delivered on-time and in the correct amount for each dose.

Our service is built around the Best Practice Guidelines model for Aged Care compliance. We have specialised staff working in all areas of aged care to ensure your facility’s needs are fully covered.

All Elements Healthcare team members are thoroughly trained to meet the highest standards of medication supply. Each residential and Aged Care Facility serviced by Elements Healthcare is assigned their own dedicated pharmacy team consisting of a qualified Pharmacist and trained Dispensary Assistants to handle your enquiries and process your daily requirements.

To guarantee all your needs are met, a Pharmacy Implementation Liaison Officer (PILO) will oversee all team operations and act as liaison between the pharmacy and your facility.
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Is there Support Services for Transition and Implementation?


Prior to commencement, we conduct an Initial Facility Assessment to identify key contacts, facility policies and procedures as well as the currently used medication administration models. Following our Initial Facility Assessment, we formulate and provide you with a transition plan based upon safe and realistic guidelines. Elements Healthcare will oversee the implementation integration of our Medicine System, never satisfied until your facility is running seamlessly.

Typically, implementation will take 4-6 weeks. Once the transition plan has been approved, Elements Healthcare will manage the entire transition to your new medication management system:

      • Providing all required Pharmacy and Facility Documentation including Daily Order and Communication Forms, Incident Report Forms, Resident Admission and Relocation Forms, all Procedural Manuals and refreshed Medication Charts and Signing Sheets.
      • Provision for necessary storage dispensers, and trolley dispensers for safe, efficient storage and delivery at the point of administration.
        Formal introduction of the service for Doctors, Facility Staff, Residents and Families including a formal introduction letter.
      • Education of facility staff via our two stage In-service implementation program [Elements’ In-service Session 1 (to introduce the pharmacy service), and Session 2 (to introduce the Elements Healthcare Medication Administration System)].
      • Onsite support of the Facility during all transition/implementation dates.
      • Onsite attendance for medication rounds on days 1 and 2 using our system.
      • Post implementation reviews and meetings with key facility staff and management.

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What Technology is used for Dose Confirmation?


Checking 10’s of thousands of individually packed doses every week is undeniably tedious for any pharmacist resulting in fatigue and potentiating error. It is the major challenge for pharmacists servicing RACFs. Elements Healthcare is not alone in believing that although necessary, this function is almost humanly impossible to continuously ensure. That’s why we have invested heavily in Vision Technology as a pre-confirmation and accuracy recording tool to support the pharmacists who care for your residents and staff.

The unique accuracy of Multi-Colour Vision Technology of our Medication Detection Machine (MDM) is a world first. Our market leading MDM has been developed and proven internationally in electronically confirming and recording the accuracy of packed medication doses.

The machine works by using a complex array of mechanical fingers and fine rollers to flatten the contents of each and every sachet before producing a very high resolution digital image of its contents and using a patented algorithim to check for errors. The MDM automatically verifies the contents of each medication pouch against an exhaustive medication image database to confirm each individual sachet contents against the original, pharmacist confirmed dose instructions of the patient medication profile for that dosage time.

The MDM failure to identify a dose variance has been internationally proven at 0.001%. Mediction detection technology, has been in use for nearly 10 years around the world, there simply isn’t more accurate medication confirmation technology commercially available.

In addition, you can rest assured that sachets are finally checked against residents’ electronic medication profiles by a qualified pharmacist. The end result is the lowest of all possible medication variance risk …and that’s even before the final safeguard administration protocols of nurses or medication competent carers.

The Medication Detection Machine enables Elements Healthcare to ensure world-best practice for safety and security of residents, facility staff, pharmacists and doctors. We believe this technology is not a luxury, but a modern day imperative in the practice of solid unit dose packaging of any kind.
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Does Elements Healthcare provide Training for Facility Staff?


APAC Best Practice Medication Competency Education for your staff The staff education and training we provide is in accordance with the Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council (APAC) best practice model.

As part of our system implementation and monitoring services we run initial training sessions to ensure that each and every facility staff member is fully trained and educated in the medication dispensing policies that we introduce.

To ensure continuous improvement and the smooth integration of new staff members, your Facility Liaison Pharmacist will run ongoing training sessions when visiting your facility each quarter, or whenever needed.

One of our Aged Care specialist pharmacists is always available to attend any of your Medicine Advisory Committee (MAC) meetings. Our pharmacists will help you improve your medication management – whether it is by formulating Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) policies or helping fulfil your current accreditation requirements.
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How does Elements Healthcare handle Residents accounts and payments?


Residents will never be left wondering where their money is going. Our streamlined billing system provides complete details of each prescription filled, including the individual dosing of each medicine supplied.

We offer an automatic billing system – where accounts are debited 14 days after the receipt of each detailed statement – residents will receive a complete record of all actions on their accounts.

Elements Healthcare manages all residents’ medication accounts so that you don’t have to. Our streamlined billing system provides details of each prescription filled, when there has been a medication change and can be reconciled right down to each individual dose of medication supplied.
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How does Elements Healthcare manage prescriptions for residents and doctors?


Elements Healthcare manages the receipt of all prescriptions directly with prescribers to legally ensure seamless medication supply and residents’ full entitlement to Medicare Benefits.

Our unique analytical software maintains a comprehensive audit trail for each and every dose of medicine. Our specialised software enables Elements Healthcare to manage script requests for GPs and deliver the information by fax or as pre-formatted scripts via email.

Script requests can be sent for downloading in summary format or as pre-formatted scripts ready for printing and signing by the doctor.
Owing and last repeat script requests are sent via pre-arranged transmission settings. This greatly reduces time spent by doctors in prescription writing. Audit reports are always available upon request by residents, their families or their doctor.
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When are Deliveries Dispatched to the Facility?


Elements Healthcare ensures each Aged Care Facility receives a routine delivery daily Monday to Friday and emergency deliveries available after-hours, on weekends and public holidays.

Elements Healthcare offers a routine delivery with an 11 o’clock notification time for afternoon deliveries before 5pm.

In addition to our routine daily deliveries, we provide a full-line 24 hour emergency service at no-additional charge for access to urgent medications and qualified pharmacist advice after-hours, on weekends and Public Holidays. Emergency orders are guaranteed to be dispatched within 1 hour of medications being dispensed.

In collaboration with the Health Department of WA we have devised an on-site emergency supply protocol compliant with the
Poisons Act WA, 1964.
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What Process Monitors the Performance of Elements Healthcare?


Once the Medication Management System is in place, Elements Healthcare will continuously monitor the system’s performance in your Facility by:

  • Providing a Service Level Statement outlining all medicine delivery and administrative requirements.
  • Holding regular Service Level Meetings and Medication Advisory Committee (MAC) Meetings.
  • If you have any Service issues are raised, then management will hold a Service Level Meeting to discuss a plan of action.
  • Encouraging the reporting of any pharmacy related incident through a prescribed process and responding to such reports in a timely and concise manner including a proposed course and any preventative measures to be implemented.
  • Monthly KPI Benchmarking reports are available – including: Antibiotic, Psychotropic and Narcotic usage rates, including prescription currency.

All of these systems are in place to ensure that any and all problems are discovered early, and dealt with promptly and efficiently.
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Pre-Accreditation Auditing, Incident Reporting and Benchmarking for Continuous Quality Improvement


Elements Healthcare is proud of the fact that no facility using its Medicine Management System has ever failed a Medication Accreditation Audit – despite the fact that the same system has been used to service over 30,000 RACF residents Australia-wide.

Our Facility Liaison Pharmacists will continually assess your medication practices through Medication Chart Audits and Medication Storage Audits during regular visits providing a report on compliance and improvement measures. Plus when it becomes time for your Aged Care Standards Accreditation Audit, Elements Healthcare will provide you with a comprehensive Pre-Accreditation Audit performed by one of our own pharmacists who have detailed knowledge of accreditation standards and who will identify any necessary remedial actions.

All correspondence between your Facility and the pharmacy is electronically scanned and safely archived. As the facility manager, you will have access to all incident reports lodged and the pharmacy’s response and recommendations for continuous improvement.

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, Elements Healthcare produces Compliance and Standardised Benchmarking Reports for your facility each quarter including antibiotic and narcotic usage rates per resident, emergency call-outs per resident, incident reports by type per resident, pharmacy clinical interventions per resident plus an array of customized clinical reports you may like to order.
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What is Elements Healthcare’s Generic Brand Substitution Policy?


Medicine can be expensive! That’s why Elements Healthcare works hard with the certifed pharmacy to help keep pharmacy costs down by recommending preferred generic brands whenever possible. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the big name brands available to those who require them.

Additionally, we will always offer residents and relatives the opportunity to select preferred generic brands. Where this is not desired, we supply the charted brands. The choice is yours and theirs.

If ever there are any concerns regarding brand substitution, the pharmacist will immediately and directly consult with the concerned professional.

All your residents benefit from low medication prices. Low Cost Medication Pricing has been arranged exclusively for RACF residents. Elements Healthcare continuously monitors and checks all medication prices to ensure they are market competitive against retail pharmacy.

Can Elements Healthcare provide Clinical Services?


As a client facility, you always retain the choice of clinical service providers. We will work diligently with any clinical provider you may choose. You can use one of your preferred providers or seek our recommendation.

We recommend QUM Consulting because of our longstanding track record of working together and because they are familiar with Elements Healthcare’s systems and technologies.

In addition, our pharmacists act as the liaison between the Doctor prescribing medication and the facility staff administering the medication. We work towards ease and continuity of supply so there is no breakdown in the communication of what the Doctor intends and what is given to residents.
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Customer Testimonials


“Elements Healthcare has been our pharmacy provider for 4 years. I have worked with other providers in the past and find Elements Healthcare to be a top performer. As an Aged Care customer we require timely deliveries of resident medications plus accurate and responsive changes to resident medication.

The service provided by Elements Healthcare is excellent in all areas. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to other Aged Care service Providers.”

Director of Nursing, Koh-I-Noor Nursing Home, Wembley

“The provision of outsourcing pharmacy services between Quadriplegic Centre and Elements Healthcare Pty Ltd/PCAC Aged Care commenced on 24/07/2013. Within a very short period of time the service demonstrated improvement in the following areas:

Efficiency and Efectiveness – Improved efficiencies of service are noted in relation to: Delivery and supply of medications is more accessible (24 hour service), Sachet dispense system reduces time required to administer medications, Patient medication records and relevant information is accurate, current and updated regularly.

Accountability – Elements Healthcare provides excellent communication in relation to ensuring staff are informed of changes. The communication was described as proactive, clear, friendly, available, approachable and positive. Reduction in number of incidents/errors relating to medication incidents.

Cost – Safety Net advantages for individual patients have been implemented which was not operational previously. This allows for extensive cost effectiveness. Specific auditing (monthly) of patient scripts allows for cost savings to be identified.

The provision of Pharmacy Services between Elements Healthcare and the Quadriplegic Centre has proven to be very successful. Harm minimization and liability reduction are specifically identified benefits. Recognition is given to George Kounis and staff at Elements Healthcare for their dedication and assistance in transitioning to this new service and their ongoing support.”

Director of Nursing, Quadriplegic Centre, Shenton Park
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