Residents Frequently Asked Questions

Elements Healthcare understands that you may have many questions in regard to the service provided and attempts to answer common questions here. If you have a question not answered, please go to the contacts page and forward the question you wish answered.

Who is Elements Healthcare?

Elements Healthcare Pty Ltd has been providing pharmacy medication services to the aged care sector since 2007. Elements Healthcare Pty Ltd prides itself on being one of the leaders in the business of Dose Administration Aid – Medication Supply Services, in Western Australia.

We use the latest advanced technology and equipment allowing us to give our customers the best service possible. With the use of automated packing machines, together with unique Vision Recognition Technology that confirms medication accuracy within the dose administration aid, Elements Healthcare Pty Ltd ensures world-best practice for safety and security of residents, facility staff, pharmacists, and doctors.

Elements Healthcare works to ensure consistent high-quality service levels on supplied medicines for you or your family member.
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How do you know what medications I am taking?

We chart all your medications as per the doctor’s order. These could be prescription items, over the counter items, regular medication, when required medication, tablets, creams, inhalers, etc. Changes will only ever be made to your medication chart as per doctor’s orders. The nursing staff are always sent a new copy of the medication chart with each change, either electronically or paper based.
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Do you check the packets before they get sent out?

Each sachet roll produced by the pharmacy is sent through an image recognition system that ensures the right pill is in the right pack at the right time for the right person. We have put in place very secure and rigorous procedures that have multiple pharmacist check-points. The system detects dispensing accuracy of the pack and records a photograph of each sachet that is kept for reference for at least 3 months, every medication roll is reviewed by a pharmacist.
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What is the Safety Net and how does it work?

The Safety Net is a program provided by Medicare Australia. Once a Medicare Cardholder has reached the yearly threshold, either alone or in conjunction with their spouse/partner, they will receive their PBS medications for a subsidised price until the end of that calendar year. These thresholds and prices vary from year to year so please review the information below, or contact customer service if you need an update on your current Safety Net total for the year.


Concession Card Holder $6.60
Repatriation Patient $6.60
General Patient $41.00


Concession Card Holder $6.60 x 48 = $316.80
Repatriation Patient $6.40 x 60 = $316.80
General Patient = $1486.80
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What do I pay for?

You will only be paying for your medications. We email the account at the end of each month and give you several weeks to look at your account prior to requiring payment. Posted accounts will also incur a $2 monthly processing fee. We do not charge for packing, delivering or prescription management.
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What are the Different ways to pay my Aged Care Pharmacy Bill?

Direct Debit

For Hassle-free, automatic payment set up a Direct Debit from your bank account. Download a Direct Debit Application form located on the website.

By Credit Card – by Phone

Using our biller code 108589 and your account number located on your bill, phone 1300885175. Follow the prompts to automatically process your payment.

By Credit Card – Online

Pay online by selecting “Pay My Pharmacy Account” located in the “My Aged Care Account” menu

By Cheque

Return the payment slip from your paper bill and post to:

Elements Healthcare Pty Ltd
PO Box 382
Tuart Hill, WA, 6939

With your Cheque made payable to Elements Healthcare Pty Ltd.
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When do I pay?

Each month we will send you an account. Our preferred method of payment is direct debit. Direct debits are processed after the 16th of the month, depending on your bank and when the weekend falls this could be a few days later. This gives you approximately 2 weeks to notify the pharmacy should you have any queries with your account. Our alternative methods of payment include bank transfer, and credit card payments (fees may apply), please refer to the invoice for details. Please contact the pharmacy to discuss alternative arrangements should there be a need.
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When can I speak to the accounts team or a pharmacist?

You can contact the accounts department on (08) 9349 9611 Monday to Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm or email us at Our Accounts staff will be happy to help in any way they can.
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How can I update my details?

Please visit our website to update any of your details with our online form located under “Update My Aged Account” or alternatively contact us via email, telephone or via the contact page on the website.
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Do you take back old medications?

We don’t take back old or unused medications for both health and safety reasons. The medicine regulations don’t allow us to reuse any medication that has been dispatched from another pharmacy. This is unfortunate as medication can be expensive. We do however encourage nursing staff and doctors to make changes to start when a new bulk roll is required as long as the medication can wait.
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What happens to my Medication when I get Discharged from a Facility?

When a resident is discharged from a facility the medication is available for them to collect. After phoning the pharmacy, a few days later the medication is packed, labeled and ready for collecting from the pharmacy premises. The only criteria is your account has been paid up to date prior to receiving any medication, please pay your account prior to asking for medication. With prior arrangement, we can forward medication prior to leaving the facility. Unfortunately, any medication leftover from a deceased relative cannot be passed on to the family as they are not legally allowed to be in possession of this medication.
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What if I have allergies?

We are usually notified by staff at the nursing home of any allergies on your admission and we will itemise these on your medication chart. If you would like to confirm that your allergies are known to us, then please contact us on (08) 9349 9611.
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How often do you deliver medication?

The regular sachet rolls are sent weekly, however, we provide additional daily deliveries for any non-packed items (creams, inhalers, antibiotics, eye drops, injections, etc.) that are required or if there have been urgent changes to the packed medications. We do offer a 24-hour emergency delivery service should the facility require urgent delivery of medication.
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What does it mean if items are duplicated on my account?

Non-packed items are ordered by nursing staff as needed and never sent by the pharmacy without this authorisation. If these items are duplicated on the invoice, please speak to the nursing staff at the facility to clarify the reasons for the multiple orders. Duplications of packed medications can occur due to medication changes that have required us to re-pack the medication roll. However, some items will be duplicated if we need to use more than one box to pack for the month. For example, Paracetamol 500mg comes in a pack of 100 tablets, if you are taking 2 tablets four times daily this equals approximately 240 tablets for the month or Temazepam 10mg that comes in a pack size of 25 clearly not enough for a month supply. In these situations, we are required to dispense a 2nd or even a 3rd box depending on the doctor’s prescribed dose.
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What if I want to add an item to my medication chart?

All items must be ordered by a doctor. Please contact the nursing staff to organise this.
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How much will you charge for over the counter medications?

We source our products from similar suppliers as a local pharmacy and will, therefore, have similar pricing to your local retail pharmacy. We endeavour to keep our prices as competitive as possible.
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Where the certified pharmacy located?

Our certified pharmacy is located at Shop 3, 85 Wanneroo Road, Tuart Hill WA 6060.
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Do you supply generic medications?

Yes, unless specifically requested we will dispense the generic alternative. National Health approved generic brands limit the cost of medication to the lowest possible price. Generic brands are carefully tested and must have an equivalent action to the original brand. Generic medicines save patient’s substantial costs. The principal reason for the relatively low price of generic medicines is that competition increases among producers when drugs are no longer protected by patents. Companies incur fewer costs in creating the generic drug and are therefore able to maintain profitability at a lower cost to consumers with the same quality compared to the original brands. All generic medicines must be approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.
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