Power of Attorney

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‘Ordinary’ Power of Attorney
An ordinary power of attorney is a document in which you appoint another person to act on your behalf. You can state how much power you want to give that person. This type of power of attorney can be useful where a person finds it physically difficult to perform tasks necessary to manage their property or financial affairs. (E.g. because they are going on holiday overseas, are hospitalised for a period, or are in prison).

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)
An Enduring Power of Attorney differs from an ordinary power of attorney because it allows someone whom you have appointed, to act on your behalf after you have “lost the capacity” to manage your own affairs. It may commence and operate at any time before you lose that capacity if you choose. An EPA can either start; from a set date (e.g. the date you sign the document), or from the date that you become unable to make rational decisions about your affairs. In this case the Guardianship and Administration Board must make a declaration that you lack the legal capacity to make decisions.

Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG)
An Enduring Power of Guardianship is a legal document that authorises a person of your choice, to make important personal, lifestyle and treatment decisions on your behalf should you ever become incapable of making such decisions yourself. This person is known as an enduring guardian. An enduring guardian could be authorised to make decisions about things such as where you live, the support services you have access to and the treatment you receive. An enduring guardian cannot be authorised to make property or financial decisions on your behalf.

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